Keep an open mind!


In this journey I am asking you to join with me on is going to seem crazy at times. I’m going to ask you to do some things that will make you feel silly. Do them anyway. I will never ask you do something that I don’t think will lead to a better life. I poo-poo’d a lot of things books have asked me to do over the years because they felt silly to me and I didn’t see how they would help. Sometimes you don’t see how they help until AFTER you do them. Like affirmations, vision boards, writing down your dreams and how you will feel once you get to your goal.

Remember that I am a former pessimist so I was very cynical about what these things action would actually do for me. So, I didn’t do them. I read all these books and never followed the actions they called for. It finally occurred to me one day…all the books are basically saying the same thing. Maybe, just maybe….there is something to it. And guess what? As soon as I started taking the actions they called for…my life started changing for the better.

A vision board? Seriously? What am I…a 12 year old girl? I’ve told the story before about the vision board I finally made and I ended up with a necklace that was the same exact one as on my vision board. Same exact one! I started a gratitude journal. I wrote things down and posted them on my mirror. Things like “Money is always flowing into your life”. I focus on money a lot. I like money….and want lot’s of it!

I know some of this is time consuming and I am aware of how much that is an issue for some of you. But I’m talking about stuff that will take only a couple of minutes. And then you need to rewrite stuff and reread stuff. Repetition, consistency, commitment. This is what you need. Again, this is why I do my podcast and blog daily. I want to help give you a little inspiration every single day. But you have to do your part.  You have to get started on that gratitude journal. Five things a day that you were grateful for…that’s all. Write down some affirmations and post them up all over the house. Get to writing down that dream of your and how it will make you feel once you have it. Write it, read it, repeat. Don’t just skim it everyday either. Feel the feelings you describe. Be excited for it. Picture it happening. I also write down my top 10 dreams every day. A tip from Rachel Hollis. And write them down as if they have already happened. Here is a picture of my list.


These are the things that are most important to me right now. Growing my business is my number one priority so they take up the top spots. The way I feel and how I live my life is next…I want joy in my life. I wrote down that I am an exceptional wife because it reminds me to do things daily that make that statement true. It doesn’t happen everyday but more so often now than before I wrote that down everyday. Hosting my own talk show (which I basically already am), how much money I make and then some personal goals I’ve always wanted to achieve. Notice they are written as if they’ve already happened.

Come up with your own and write them down…every single day. Between this and your gratitude journal it should only be 10 minutes a day tops. If you can’t commit 10 minutes a day to your dream and living your best life then I probably can’t help you. YOU have to do the work. YOU have to make the decisions. No one can do it for you. Get committed to making this the best life it can possibly be. We only get one! Make it the most exciting, happiest and adventurous as it possibly can be. You can do it…I know you can!

Now, go have a fantastic weekend! Be safe in whatever you are doing. See you back here on Monday!


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