Bad behaviors – Overthinking


Worry is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do but never gets you anywhere. ~ Cullen Hightower

I’ve also seen a quote that states 97% of the things you worry about don’t even happen. I’m not sure if that is accurate or how you even measure something like that but let’s pretend it’s true. Because it shows how much time we waste agonizing over things that will likely never happen. I am 100% guilty of this. I have probably spent half my life worrying. For awhile I didn’t even try to change it…I figured it was just how I was. Ugh! Wrong! I mean it was how I was but it didn’t mean I had to stay that way.

Worry is not productive. It truly does steal the happiness of the present moment. When you are worried…you are thinking about something in the future. Something that may not even happen at all. And ladies…it ages you as well! The stress of worry takes a toll on you. It causes wrinkles, gray hair and is bad for your health overall. You are not only stressing over the future…you are letting it rob you of the present. Don’t do it!

Relax! Man, I hate when people say that. But I finally figured out it bothers me so much because it’s something I couldn’t do. But when you approach things in a calm, rationale manner it seems that nobody ever needs to tell you to relax. Because you are! I have worried about everything. I still worry about things. I’m getting better but it’s a process.

I’ve worried countless times if people are mad at me. I worry that I will lose my job. I worry that my husband will leave me. I worry that I won’t make enough money to pay my bills. I worry about how I look and how people perceive me. I worry if people think I’m a nice person. I worry that it will rain on a party I’m planning. I worry the library won’t have my next book club selection and I will have to buy it. I worry that my dog is going to die. Are you as exhausted as I am right now? And the main point is that all of this worrying is totally pointLESS. I can only do what I do and hope for the best. Will my husband leave me? I don’t think so but I don’t really know. Crazy things happen all the time. But I make sure to treat him well, love him like only I can do, make sure he has the things in life that makes him happy and hope for the best. I can worry about losing my job. But it’s not going to make it NOT happen. I can only do the best job I can do and be secure in the knowledge that I always do my best.

How much time have you let worry rob you? There are legitimate worries. But in those cases you need to take action. Sitting around worrying that something might happen is not going to help and yes, it will definitely hurt. It hurts your health, it hurts productivity and it hurts your outlook on life. Stop worrying and start doing! Do what you need to in order to limit the possibility of what you are concerned about from happening. It’s not a guarantee that nothing bad will happen. But why ruin the now for fear of what may or may not happen in the future. One day at a time. Live now instead of worrying about what may or may not happen in the future. If your fear comes to fruition…deal with it then. Don’t punish yourself twice.

If you worry about what other people think…STOP. You can’t…you just can’t. I still worry about what people think of me. Not nearly as much as I used to. But I still get concerned that I offend a friend and they are annoyed with me. However, if they are a real friend they should tell you if they have an issue and give you a chance to explain, make it up or defend yourself. I just had a girls weekend and it was with my husbands family who I have known for a long time but it’s not my family. They know me pretty well but I can be a little overbearing (okay, a lot!) at times. I spent a good part of the weekend making sure I wasn’t dominating the conversation and making everything about me as I tend to do at times. Did I succeed? I’m not sure. I think so and they keep inviting me back so they must enjoy my company, right? It’s not doing me any good to worry about it.

If people don’t like the way you dress or how you wear your hair. Who cares? Seriously, if someone says something about you that is negative…how does it really affect your life. Does it suck? Yes, but then move on. That’s their opinion and it’s none of your business. Just like what they are judging you for is none of their business. STOP…just stop caring what other people say behind your back. People who talk bad about you are often threatened by you and are trying to convince others you aren’t worthy. People see through that BS. Just stop worrying. They don’t truly impact your life. Get on with it…do you and if they want to be negative and judgmental…let them. You are better than that. And  more than likely, happier too!

Once you realize you are in charge of your thoughts and what you think about…you will be in control of your destination. I’m hoping it’s a happy one! Cheers to a worry-free day!

It’s taco Tuesday! Go grab a taco and make it your best day yet!

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2 thoughts on “Bad behaviors – Overthinking

  1. Charlene Coddington says:

    I have always liked the saying ” it’s none of my business what you think about me ” , and found that it is the name of a book ! I was able to download it free on my kindle. And I hope to read it soon. Enjoying your podcast ! Thanks !

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