Love your job


Unfortunately, we don’t all love our jobs. Since we are focusing on changing our perception this week, I hope to show you how you can find parts of your job that you like and focus on those aspects.

At my last position I had a very difficult co-worker. Even though much of my job included interacting with him (live on the radio) I tried to focus on the part of the job I loved. Don’t get me wrong. I complained about him. I complained to those who I thought could do something about it. I would try to clear the air with him from time to time to see if there was a way to make things better. And my poor husband, he got the brunt of those complaints. What I did love is interacting with listeners. Getting their views on topics we were discussing. Writing the news and deciding on information I felt would be most important to the listeners. Finding fun surveys and topics to discuss. Mostly, I loved being a part of listeners daily routine. I loved that I was able to help people get their day started.

So, even though there are parts of your job that you don’t like…is it possible to do as little of those things as possible? Can you get that part of the job done and out of the way first thing so you can focus on the area’s that you do like? Is it the whole job that you hate? Really think about it. Are there no redeeming qualities to what you do every day? If that is the case, maybe you can start with just being grateful that you have a job. That is brings in the money you need to pay your bills and get some of the things you want in this life. Do they have a generous time off package? Can you focus on that? How about the health benefits they provide for you? As expensive as they seem, they would be more if you had to pay for them on your own.

Hopefully you can find something that you enjoy daily at your job. Is there a way to do more of that and less of the other things you don’t like? Can you talk to your boss and see if there is something you can work out? Maybe you can transfer to another department that would be better suited for the both of you?

If that isn’t possible then maybe you can focus on looking for something while you are still bringing in money at your current gig. Do you need to take some classes to do what you ultimately want to do? Can you be grateful that your current job is giving you the money you need to take those classes?

Again, just like everything we have talked about this week…learn to focus on the good instead of the bad. If you can be grateful for your paycheck or even some of the skills you have acquitted you will likely think better about where you are. Or think of it this way….there are people who have been out of work completely for a while so you could just be grateful that you are able to work everyday and provide for yourself and your family? Again, it’s all in the way you look at things. If you focus on everything you hate about your job you will always be miserable. If I ONLY focused on the fact that I had to work with someone so difficult every day I would have been happy when I lost my job. But as you all know, I was devastated because I focused on so much more than him. And you can too. I know you can!

It’s “I wish it were cocktail Friday”, Thursday. So, get ready for the weekend. It’s almost here!


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You can (and should) love your body


As we continue with perception week this is a big one. I know how hard it is to love your body. I know how difficult it is to look in the mirror and hate what you see. One thing to keep in mind is that we always want to look better no matter how great we look. We see body so differently than other people do.

I had some girls I went to high school with at my house a few weekends ago and we looked at some old pictures from that time. One was of all of us in our bikini’s. We ALL thought we were fat back then. Every single one of us. And we ALL wish we were as fat as we were back then. Meanwhile, I have been a little down on my body as of late because I’m struggling with the number I want to see on the scale. Both of my girlfriends told me I look great and reminded me of the conversation we just had about wishing we were as fat as we think we are. I didn’t think about it from that perspective now though. But they are right. I could put on another 20 or 30 pounds. Then I really would miss the body I’m in right now.

This is why I am asking you to focus on things you love about your body this week (along with personality traits). There must be some parts of you that you are okay with. As I have mentioned this week on the podcast; I like my shoulders and collarbone area. Some of my friends have mentioned their envy that you can still see my collar bone. I’ve also been working out since January and I have more well-defined arms and legs. When I get up from a chair now I see that amazing line along the inside my thigh that highlights the muscle I have built there. My arms are more toned and you can actually see the muscle. I still have the bye-bye arms which is what I want gone most but as I continue to work on that I’m going to look at all parts that have seen results.

I have alluded to the fact that I am having a hard time getting my butt to the gym lately and I need to do something to change that. I didn’t come this far only to come this far! And I certainly don’t want to lose all progress I’ve made in muscle building and toning. I am currently reading a book about building good habits and in it you are advised to make habits you want to create a decision. Meaning, that once you decide to do something there is no back and forth about whether you are going to do it or not. You decide that you will brush your teeth as soon as get up in the morning and it becomes a habit. You decide to shower before heading to work everyday so you do it. It’s the same with exercise. I have now “decided” based on this book that I am going to go as soon as I get up in the morning. I will have one cup of coffee and then out the door I go. I will do this everyday of the week except Monday (because I usually don’t write my blog until Monday mornings and the day before the rest of the week). There will be no more…oh, I don’t feel like going to the gym today. I will just get up and go. I will keep you posted!

Also, while at the gym I marvel at what I (my body) can do. When I first started hitting the gym in January the weights I used were typically the 8 pound dumb bells. I used to look longingly at the other ladies who could handle the heavier weight. Guess what??? I’m now doing whole sets with 15 pound dumb bells. It feels great! I love what my body can do and how much more it is capable of. I try to remind myself while at the gym that I’m so lucky my body can do everything I am asking it to and I hope it will continue to for a very long time. This is why it’s so important to me to keep at it. So, I can be strong and healthy for as long as possible. And the energy it brings! Embrace and love your body. It’s the most amazing thing you will ever own! Now, treat it will a little respect.

Get a little physical activity in today. It will make you feel great. You will have more energy and a great feeling of accomplishment once you complete your selected task.

It is hump day. We are halfway there. Now, go make it your best day yet!


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Loving your Life!


We see the quotes and messages all the time. Focus on the good in your life instead of the bad. Be thankful for what you have instead of longing for what you don’t. We usually brush things off and think, yeah…okay. It’s true! It works! You have to change your perception. Because like the quote says…your perception is your reality.

I know so many people who feel like victims of their circumstances. They focus on what they don’t have instead of what they do have. It’s a vicious cycle that is hard to break out of. This is why the gratitude journal is so important. Crappy stuff happens to all of us. Some people just choose to move on and do what they must in order to make their life better. Then there are those who just wallow in the fact that something bad happened and wonder why bad things always happen to them. Guess what? Bad things happen to everyone! Yes, everyone!

The area that I live in was hard hit by Superstorm Sandy. A lot of people lost everything when up to five feet of water swallowed up their homes. I have a friend that has an amazing house on the bay on Long Beach Island. Her house is raised at least 10 or 11 feet. When discussing the effects of Sandy one day she mentioned that she lost everything in the storm.  I asked how could that be? Her house was raised higher than any flooding. She said she lost everything outside. Her patio furniture, hot tub, tiki bar. What??? Are you seriously complaining that you lost a hot tub and some wicker chairs when people literally lost everything they owned? This is also the same person who had a view of the most amazing sunsets I’ve ever seen but lives next door to a large building that is a bit of an eyesore. She mentioned one time to me and Joe how that building destroys her whole view. Joe said, just look left instead of to the right where the building is. It really is that simple. Some people just don’t want to be happy, I guess.

I’ve gone through some pretty crappy stuff in the past few months. But I no longer focus on the negative. It’s not that I don’t think about it or feel like what’s happened to me is fair. I just don’t focus on it. They are fleeting thoughts because I focus on how far I’ve come; how much I have and all that I have to look forward to. I also include in my 10 dreams that I write down every day…I wake up full of joy everyday. It reminds me to find things that bring me joy throughout the day.

Again, the process is simple. Not necessarily easy but anything worthwhile takes work, right? I bring up the gratitude journal again as the fastest and easiest way to start appreciating what you have instead of concentrating on what you don’t. I told you to take a break from that this week to focus on what you love about yourself. Is it possible you could do both? Keep track of the five things you are grateful for each day AND come up with three things you like about yourself? You don’t have to do both, but you will get to where you want to go faster if you put in the extra work. Think of it as extra credit to get that “A” in happiness class. It’s completely up to you though.

It’s a taco Tuesday! Go grab a taco and make it your best day yet!


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Loving yourself – yes, you can!


Do you love yourself? Do you think it’s something that is impossible to do? I always have. I have a lot of personality traits that I don’t find very lovable. The thought of actually loving myself has been foreign to me. I still can’t say I love myself but I’m a lot further along than I used to be. If this is an issue for you…I’ve got good news. There are some simple ways you can learn to love yourself…including what you may consider your bad traits.

Are you doing your gratitude journal? If you aren’t…get to it! It’s the core of this who changing your life thing. For this week I would like to change the parameters. I want you to write down three things you love about yourself this week instead of five things you are grateful for. I’m only asking you to do three so it doesn’t seem overwhelming, but they have to be different every day. You can focus on both looks and personality.

I’ll start ~ physical traits

  1. I have great hair!
  2. I love the color of my eyes.
  3. Even though I’ve put on some weight I have great shoulders and good definition around my collarbone.

Personality traits ~

  1. Hard worker
  2. Determined
  3. Funny

I didn’t just scrawl these traits down. It took me a good few minutes to come up with them. So, I know it’s not easy to do which is why I think three a day will be good enough. You can mix and match the physical with the personality or focus on one area per day. It’s totally up to you. But there are things to love about yourself. If you can’t find anything you are looking hard enough. Give it some serious thought. I know there are plenty of things about you that you should love but probably don’t….YET! That is what we are going to change. There is even good in things you probably don’t consider good traits. We will get to all that this week.

There is greatness in you and I want to help you see that. Three things per day instead of your regular gratitude journal. It will definitely help see yourself in a light you don’t usually have on. And it will be great! I can’t wait for you to get started!

It’s Monday! A new week full of possibilities! Let’s make it a great week and get ready to do some work on ourselves. And make today, your best day yet!



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Parental expectations


Oh boy. This is a doozy…for me anyway. Are your parents super proud of you and supportive of all your dreams? That’s great! Congratulations. Be grateful because not everyone is so lucky.

I’ve made it pretty clear I had numerous issues with my mother. I believe that she was a narcissist. She was so good at convincing others what a terrible daughter I was and basically a terrible person. I just read an article and posted it in the group page about how narcissists get away with abusing you while still looking like a good person to everyone else. It’s really good and totally representative of how my relationship with my mother played out.

Do you have parents that are not so supportive? Do they want you to do what they think you should do? Does it matter to them what truly lights you up? Are they behind you in your dreams and goals? It can be really difficult to go against your parents wishes. You know that ultimately (most of the time) they want what is best for you. But their definition of that may not always match up with your definition.

My father was very supportive in making sure I got a college education. In fact, he paid for the whole thing. All seven years of it. Yes, seven years. I was not the best student but I finally got that piece of paper. When I decided to pursue a career in radio, he wasn’t very happy about it. He would often say he wished I would get into another field that was a little more lucrative. Because no matter what you think, most people are not making Howard Stern or Elvis Duran money. I get it…he was worried about my future and I can’t be mad over that. But it was important to me to me to enjoy what I did. And I love working in morning radio. It’s caused me a lot of heartache over the years so maybe I should have taken his advice and gone into another field, but things have played out the way they have.

My mother on the other hand was supportive of my radio dream. I heard through the years that she would often brag about me to her friends. She never really told me that she was proud or liked to brag about me. She would listen to the shows I was on if it were convenient for her. If she happened to be in the car she would tune in my current station. But I think it was mostly about how my being somewhat of a local celebrity made her look good. I do know that my mother wanted me to go after my dreams. I do know that for sure and I give credit where credit is due.

But my mother was very upset when I moved to the Jersey Shore for the first time in my early 30’s. I’m not sure why. We didn’t see each other all that much other than holidays. But she seemed to take that very hard. My brother and sister had both moved far away and maybe she just felt like she was being abandoned by all her kids. But it wasn’t my responsibility to stay somewhere I didn’t want to be just to keep her happy. I think Joe and I moving an hour an and a half away also caused some issues with his family. But I don’t feel we should be expected to put our lives and our happiness on hold. That doesn’t seem fair to anyone involved, especially us. That’s just the way I feel about it. You may feel differently but I have to live my life as I see best. Just as you do.

Don’t let expectations from you parents hold you back from how you truly want to live your life. They really shouldn’t have expectations of you other than what you want. But we know that is not always the case. If you don’t want to join the family business that could be a tough conversation…especially if it’s just always been a given that is what you will do. But think about when that expectation started. Were you ever actually asked if that was what you wanted?

Here’s the thing, you get this one life. You have to live it the way you know will make you happiest. If that means disappointing some of the people in your life, then so be it. You aren’t responsible for their happiness. I’m not saying to be a jerk. Just know that it is okay to break away from expectations that don’t match up to yours. No matter who it is. Parents, children, spouse, friends. This is your life and only you can make yourself happy. You cannot depend on others to do that for you.

I will finish off with this. I had a very strained relationship with my mother. I tried for years to make it better between us. Yes, I definitely could have done things differently and made a better effort. But she could have as well. Just like this article about narcissism says…once my mother realized that I was calling her out on her treatment of me and wouldn’t tolerate it anymore, she replaced me. She became very close to my cousin and she became the daughter to her she always wanted me to be. One who doted on her and worshiped her even though she treated me badly a lot of the time. She didn’t have the same expectations of my cousin. In fact, she had no expectations of my cousin. She could do no wrong in my mothers’ opinion. I however, never seemed to be able to do anything right in her mind. It may be awful to say but in the year in a half since my mother’s passing, I have felt a weight lift off my shoulders. The weight of constantly being made to feel like a terrible daughter and hence a terrible person in her mind. It was so difficult being the bad guy all the time. I knew the truth but she made herself out to be the victim and me to be a horrible, selfish, insensitive person who didn’t care about her at all. And I’m sure there are still a lot of her friends that do think I was a horrible daughter. It honestly does bother me but I know there is nothing I can do about it. I also know the real story and they don’t.

So keep all this in my mind when it comes to difficult family relationships. Nobody should have expectations of you that don’t match up with your own dreams and goals. After all this seriousness, it’s even more of a “I wish it were cocktail Friday, Thursday” but we are almost there. Hang in there. And make today your best day yet!


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Supportive Spouse


Is your partner supportive of your dream or try to discourage it because it may be harder on them? I am very lucky. I have the most amazing husband who is supportive of whatever I do. I asked him recently if he thought my podcast will blow up into what I believe it will become. He said he wasn’t sure but is glad that I have found something that I love to do every day. He just wants me to be happy. And he does whatever he can to help me spread my message and promote my brand. He shares my posts on his Facebook page every day. He listens to my podcast everyday and gives me praise and critiques when necessary. He pitches in extra when he can whether it be around the house, picking up an extra shift at work because we are a little short on cash or coming up with ideas on how I can pursue this dream of mine while figuring out a way to bring in some money in the meantime. I know that I have an amazing husband and not everyone is so lucky.

Regardless of your situation I truly hope that your spouse is supportive of your dream. I hope they are working with you to get you to your ultimate goal. This is where you need the most support. There is so much your spouse can do to help you. Taking care of the kids when you need to focus on the work of getting to your goal. Picking up some of the household duties like cleaning, laundry and doing the shopping. Not to mention the emotional support and being your biggest cheerleader when you come across obstacles.

I know you will feel selfish at times for asking so much from your partner. DON’T! You are a team. If they had a dream you would totally support them and do what you could to make it a reality, right? Or have you already done that? Stop worrying about what your dream is taking away from others and focus on what it is giving you. Your life and dreams are more important than anyone else’s. I say that because you are the one that wakes up everyday knowing you want more. You are the one that knows what needs to be done in order to achieve that dream. I don’t mean they are more important in the sense that you deserve it more. I mean that you are the ONLY one who can make it happen. So, you must make it a priority. Yes, you should be there for your spouse and be supportive of their dreams as well. You should help your kids in all that you can. But these people in your life are responsible for making their own dreams come true. You are there doing what you can to help them along and being their biggest cheerleader, but it is ultimately up to them to make it happen. Just like it is ultimately up to you to make your dream happen.

I will finish with a quick story from one of my favorite television shows….”This is Us”. Randall and Beth had been fighting most of this past season because he had a dream of becoming a city councilperson. He won the election, but it was a huge pay cut. She had recently lost her high paying job and decided she wanted to start teaching dance. So, they had a lot of fights about who’s dream was more important and how they both couldn’t do what they wanted to do and pay their bills and take care of their three kids. They ended the season by selling their huge house and moving to an apartment in the city where Randall was working while Beth planned to open her own dance studio. Yes, they took their kids out of their schools and they now have to share a bedroom (oh, the horror) but that is what it takes sometimes. They figured out a way to make it work for both of them. This is the kind of partner I hope you have because it is exactly what you need. If you aren’t at this point in your marriage, start telling your partner what you need. Discuss it. See what compromises you can both come up with. But don’t give up on your dream. I’ll say it again; your dream is more important to you than to anyone else in your life so you have to be the one to fight for it. Don’t give up…EVER!

It’s hump day! And what are we going to do today? That’s right, go make it your best day yet!


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Your kids and your Dream!


Here is a question I bet you struggle with a bit. I have this really big dream. I want it more than anything but it’s going to take time away from my kids. I can’t do that, can I? Yes, you can. You are not only allowed to pursue your own dreams while raising kids, but you should be required to do it. Show your kids by example how to go after something full of gusto and model the work it takes to get to that ultimate goal. You will be showing your children how it’s done, firsthand.  They will learn that it is ultimately up to them to do what is required to get where they want to go in life.

As we all know, I don’t have many good things to say about my own mother so I will use my sister as an example in this case (since I don’t have my own children). My sister started running a number of years back. She decided that it was something she wanted to start doing on a regular basis and she started out slowly and eventually worked her way up to running a full marathon. This took a lot of training and long work outs. It most definitely took some time away from her kids. And sometimes they were not very happy about it. Sometimes she would have to miss something here and there the kids wanted her to be at. Nothing that was ever a major event. And she is the most doting mother I know personally…always putting her kids first and foremost. But she had a dream of running a marathon. That was going to take work on her part to get in the physical shape she needed to be in. Guess what? She’s allowed. And so are you! Some people will call you selfish. Some people will say it’s more important to be there for your kids than it is to pursue your own dreams. Hogwash! Only you truly know how much you are really there for your kids and you SHOULD NOT put your dreams on hold…for anyone!

Are your kids getting fed every day? Are they getting to school and all the activities you agreed they would participate in? Are you there when they are going through a tough situation and need someone to talk to? Do you get to most of their games, activities, events? Then I think you are doing a hell of a job!

It’s just my opinion but I think it’s extremely important to teach by example. This is how you do that. When my nieces decide on a goal they want to go after they will remember their mom getting up at 5 in the morning to get a run in before she went to work. They’ll remember that she persevered in steaming hot weather. That she got hurt at times and worked to get back in top physical shape so she continue toward her goal. These are some real-life lessons to show your kids. You can have whatever you want as long as you are willing to do the work it takes. No one is going to hand it to you.

This goes for whatever your dream is. You have to make time for it. You have to figure out a way to get it in every day. Don’t let the little people in your life dictate your whole life. You have time for them and for your dream both. The housework may fall off a little bit. Who cares? You have to prioritize. But you can fit in whatever is most important to you even if you have to  wait until those little ones are in bed at night and before they get up in the morning. If you want it bad enough you will figure out a way. And it will be worth it. My sister is doing an Iron Man triathlon this September. Holy Cow! Good for her! I will be there to cheer her on. But I will not be helping with any training…lol. That is all on her! What is your dream? What can you do right now to start working toward making it a reality? Get going…get started…stop waiting!

It’s Taco Tuesday! I hope you get to enjoy a taco but a healthy one! Now go make it your best day yet!


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Your Circle of Friends

IMG_0497 (1)

Surround yourself with people who will always support you and be there for you. It’s easy to say and you think it should be easy to make happen but that’s not always the case. We all have that one (or a couple) person in our lives that seems to challenge every decision we make. That is always complaining about things you are doing that don’t even affect them. We have people that are jealous of us and they strike out by trying to put you and your decisions down. Think about it. Do you have one or more so-called friends like this? Cut them out of your life right now! I don’t care what they’ve done for you in the past. I don’t care what they are going through. If they can’t be supportive of you and the path you are on, then tough noogies for them. We don’t need or want people like this in our lives.

As I focus on the relationships we have in our lives this week I’m going to start with your circle of friends. I had some friends from high school at the house this weekend. These are people I have shared a lot of life with. I still have my photo album of all of us in Florida for our senior class trip and I whipped that bad boy out. There we all were in our bathing suits and bikini’s. We were amazed at how thin we were even though we thought we were so fat back then.

I think its so great that I’m still friends with these girls after so many years. We did have breaks when we didn’t talk. Facebook brought me back together with these two girls. I will always be grateful to social media for bringing people back into my life that I would likely have never seen or heard from again. We all have a history and I lived some of my greatest moments with these wonderful ladies.

We hung out and chatted. Had a few adult beverages and an amazing meal made by my hubby. Then we decided to play a game of “Cards Against Humanity” where we laughed so much my stomach actually hurt. It felt so good to laugh so hard. That’s what our friends are for! To make us laugh and build memories that we can look back on fondly. But we also had some time when we all caught each other up on what has been going on in our lives.

We all obviously have some issues that we wish we didn’t have to deal with. We let each other vent and commiserated together about how we look forward to a time when things are more in line with our vision of life. We have each other’s back. I know I can count on these girls to be there when I need them most. They are as outraged as I am at some of the things I’ve had to deal with lately. They tell me they feel my pain and understand my frustration while also telling me that I don’t deserve some of the truly awful things that have happened to me recently. Because sometimes you just need to hear that. You often find yourself questioning….what did I do to deserve this kind of treatment? Nothing….you are a victim of circumstance or that person was always jealous of you. The greatest thing about friends you’ve had for this long is they have watched your life unfold and can back you up and remind you of situations you may even forget yourself.

If you aren’t getting this type of support from the friends in your life, then it’s time to shop around for some new ones. Again, easier said than done…I know! It honestly has never been easier to make new friends though because of social media. Get on Facebook if you aren’t and join some groups around your community. Go to gatherings. If there isn’t anything you are interested in, then start your own group. I remember someone recently asking if anyone would be interested in a knitting club. I thought….oh man, no one is going to do that. Guess what? She got a bunch of interest and I’m assuming they are knitting their little hearts out. Put yourself out there and see what you come up with.

I have a very large group of new friends in my neighborhood because someone started a book club. Now I’m in two separate book clubs in the group as well as a game night group and we do different things throughout the year as well. So far this summer I have joined them for comedy night and we went on a sunset cruise last week. It’s so important to have a group to just go out and have fun with. It’s also important to have people in your life that can back you up and pump you up when you need it.

Are you friends with a lot of negative Nellies or Debbie downers? Let this people know that you are finding it hard to be around so much negativity while you are trying to live your best life. Some people will never change and if they don’t then maybe you will need to limit your interactions with them. Stop only thinking about what you bring to other people’s lives. Start thinking about how they enhance or detract from yours and adjust accordingly.

But always, always surround yourself with people who build you up…not tear you down. There are a ton of good people with amazing hearts out there. If you don’t have them in your life yet, find a way to make it happen.

It’s Monday! My favorite day of the week after Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I hope it is a fantastic week full of new possibilities for you. Now go out there and make things happen!


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Be all you can be!


What is missing in your life? Are you feeling stuck? Do you know there is more out there for you but you don’t know what it is? Is there something you love to do but think you can’t dedicate yourself to it?

Now is the time to get moving. Start working toward what you want RIGHT NOW! Sorry I yelled. No more waiting. Get to it. If you don’t know what it is…figure it out. Write down everything that lights you up. You shouldn’t have to think about it too much. You should already know what you love to do. If you don’t, then start trying out some new hobbies. This is often how we find a passion of ours. I started writing as a little aside. Now I’m writing every single day and hoping to make it my full-time gig.

Once you know what you want more of in your life then you need to start working toward making that happen. It won’t happen overnight. You have to take little, deliberate steps every day. And this when it feels like work. This is when you need to break out of your comfort zone and do stuff you’ve never done before. You may not succeed right away. You will definitely make mistakes. But the only time we really fail is when we quit. That is actually a good question to ask yourself to see if you are on the right track. Is this something that you want no matter how many times you get a door slammed in your face? No matter how many times you are told you need to work on it a little more and come back? No matter how often the people in your life try to talk you out of it (because they will)? Always keep in mind that many success stories were told they had no talent. J.K Rowling had 12 publishers turn down Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. It’s a good thing she kept trying. Michael Jordan was not accepted to the varsity basketball team in his sophomore year of high school. He was deemed not good enough and delegated to the junior varsity team. Again, good thing he kept at it.

These are the stories you need to remind yourself of when you are feeling discouraged and like your dream may never come true. Use it to keep your motivation high. But know, that it will entail you to do things you don’t necessarily want to do. Like continuously submit manuscripts to publishers or continue interviewing for the job you’ve been dreaming of despite being passed over. It’s going to be a rough road at times. You will feel like a failure. Feeling like a failure and actually being a failure are completely different though. You have to get back in there and keep pushing.

As I mentioned earlier, one of the biggest challenges may be the people in your life pushing back on your new goals. It may take some time away from them. Or you may expect others in the family to chip in a little more and they won’t like that. And some may even be jealous. Try to evaluate what the real motives are by said people and decide how much you want to take it to heart. But here’s the thing…this is your life. YOU are the only one who can make your dreams come true. You are the only one who will do the work it takes to get there. And you are the one who has to live with yourself and the results of your life.

After losing my last job I finally asked myself how many times I was going to allow myself to be dismissed for reasons that have nothing to do with me. I thought, maybe, just maybe….I can focus on my blog. Then I decided to start the podcast. I think things are going well. I love what I am doing every day. I love writing and talking to you and hopefully inspiring and helping you bring more positivity to your life. I’m not sure if I will ever make a dime at this. No, that’s not true. I do know I will. I’m still not sure how that path is going to unfold. I’m still pretty new and focusing on bringing more people on board. But it will become apparent at some point. OR I will do the research needed to figure it out and do it. I do things all the time now that are out of my comfort zone. And there will be much more in the coming months. But I’ve never felt happier and more fulfilled than I have in the past four months. This is what I want for you!

Now, get busy! But have a cocktail first because it’s Cocktail Friday! Have a fantastic weekend and be safe in whatever you do. Be cool..the heat continues to be on! Now go make it your best day yet!



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Work it!


Continuing our focus on getting uncomfortable…it’s time to do a check in with yourself. Have you been taking the suggestions and doing the legwork to start on your path to your greatest life? Are you keeping your gratitude journal? I do it first thing in the morning and go over events from the day before. Have you figured out a time when you can commit to it every day? Maybe when you first get to work? Whip out that cute little notebook and fabulous pen and write those 5 things down as soon as you get to your desk. This is the number one way to start seeing more positive in your life on a daily basis. I can’t stress this enough. Is it a pain in the ass? I know some of you see it that way. It takes a few minutes. That is it! You have a few minutes to try to be more positive, don’t you? Make it part of your daily routine. I know you can.

Have you been thinking about what you really want your life to look like? What are the passions you want to pursue? Have you even written them down? Then do it. Stop just thinking. Thinking is great but it doesn’t spur you to action. Putting it down on paper and reading it over and over does spur action. It’s how you pump yourself up and keep that motivation when you need it most. Yes, it can seem daunting and overwhelming to try to pinpoint what you want most from life. But the other option is to never figure it out and then coast through life until you get to death. That doesn’t sound very appealing!

You really should be doing things on a daily basis that will bring you closer to your goal. You are what you do daily…not what you do once in a while. Do you have some paintings that you really think should be sold or put in a gallery? Then go to a small gallery and ask what the process is. Are there restaurants or businesses that may be interested in hanging it on their wall with the intent to sell to people who may admire it? ASK! If you don’t ask…the answer is always no. Get your brave boots on and get out there to show the world what you can do in any way you can do it.

You have to take the first steps though. You have to figure out your focus. You have to figure out what you need to get to that next level. You have to find a way to get and stay motivated.

I’ve told you before that I write down my 10 most important dreams every single day. A trick I got from my girl Rachel Hollis. She suggests no more than 10 because you may start to lose focus with too many. But I write them down every day. I don’t read them…I write them. Every single day. Writing things down sends a signal to your brain and makes it want to act. I’m also writing them down as if they’ve already happened. By writing it that way, you are setting up your subconscious to act as though it’s already happening.

So, are you being lazy and not taking any of my wonderful suggestions? Get out that notebook and pen and get to it. It will change your life. I promise you this! But you have to do the work. Make it your new routine. It’s just as important as brushing your teeth and taking a shower. It is going to bring you your best life possible. Aren’t you worth the time and effort????

It’s a “I wish it were cocktail Friday, Thursday” so it’s almost the weekend! Now, go make it your best day yet!


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